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Moody Sunset over Playa Popoyo in Nicaragua

I saw an article the other day that listed “5 must see sunset spots on the Pacific Coast” I don’t know about you guys and gals, but that pacific Coast is a LOOOOONG piece of real estate and I haven’t found ANY subpar sunsets. This one from Playa Popoyo in Nicaragua was one of the ‘excessively exceptional’ ones. Have you seen a sunset on the Pacific Coast? Where was your favorite...

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Joshua Tree Sunset

As we were driving west through Joshua Tree National Park finishing up a day of climbing we were treated to some of the most purple skies I had ever seen. Although the Joshua Tree silhouette posing in the sunset isn’t a new concept, I had to have one of my own. We pulled over and found the gnarliest looking one and was able to capture this...

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For Sale: Adventure Ready Gulfstream Crescendo

For Sale SOLD: Backpack Backpack is now sold and we have started our buildout of Backpack 2.0.  Check it out HERE! 😀   Here are the technical details of the RV, and a FULL write-up of everything we have done to the RV as well as every problem we have had in the year we have owned it and lived in it will follow: Price: $80,000 2008 Gulfstream Crescendo 8390 25,000 Miles 40′ Class A (It was actually sold to us as a 38′.  We have other paperwork saying it is a 39′ but when we contacted Gulfstream and...

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How to Mount Bindings on Skis

Mounting Ski Bindings on Skis In this article of our how-to series, I will be showing you how to mount a set of snow ski bindings onto your snow skis.  Taking your skis to a shop to have them done is definitely a good way to get your new skis ready to rip, but if you are like me, you like to do things yourself and feel a bit of pride when you are able to do something yourself.  I do feel the need to add the disclaimer that I am not formally trained in ski binding installation.  I...

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Dickinson P12000 Propane Heater

When we were starting out on this adventure and knew that we would run into some cold temperatures.  Most RVers head south when it comes time to winter camp to get to warmer temperatures.  We were faced with the problem that the snow skiing isn’t very good near the Mexican border.  Part of this adventure is really about learning how to overcome obstacles so we can become more proficient travelers.  Without further adieu, here is our Dickinson P12000 Review. Direct Vent Propane Heater Review There are loads of different types of propane heaters available and most of them will...

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