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Colorado: Episode 1/ Chapter 1: Kremmling

Colorado: Chapter 1 – Kremmling Finally!  We have actually got the wheels turning on our big adventure!  Like with most stuff, it seems to take FOREVER to actually get past the planning phase to the action phase of a plan. Moving Out We REALLY started moving stuff out of our townhouse into the RV on Thursday.  We made quite a bit of progress, but it still took us most of Thursday and Friday to get everything moved out, sold, given away, thrown away and then got the townhouse into a condition where we were content on showing it to...

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3 Days until roll out!

We are getting down to crunch time on moving. Bought and installed roof rack on the fiat yesterday, moving boxes today, installing heater, composting toilet, and towing system for the fiat the next two days. We are hoping to roll out on Saturday. Check the video for more of our thoughts. Sorry for the short post, I’ve gotta get back to work!! 😀...

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Denver New Years Eve

Denver New Years Eve 16th Street Mall New Years Eve AND the last weekend before we take off ‘officially’ on our Adventure in a Backpack.  We went out for sushi then rode the light rail into downtown Denver.  We stopped off at the Convention Center where there was definitely something going on, but we were not sure what.  I’ll tell you this though, the girls walking around were NOT dressed for the 4 degree weather, but I’m not judging, they were stylish, we were warm; it was a win-win situation!  After leaving the convention center we meandered our way...

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Best Camp Stoves for Backpacking

Best Camp Stoves for Backpacking A good backpacking stove or camp stove is one of those things that isn’t technically necessary for a backpacking trip, but we sure don’t go backpacking without ours.  Its definitely a matter of convenience.  If you don’t have a stove, you are limiting your food source to not much more than tuna packets and trail mix, and trust us, that gets old in a hurry.  Sure you could use a camp fire, but that is assuming you have had the time to build a fire with a good amount of coals, and you have a good spot to put your pot of water/food in the fire.  All of that being said, a camp stove burns hotter than a camp fire which will give you boiling water faster which will give you coffee faster; and on a crisp morning in the Colorado high country, the faster you can get some hot coffee, the better. Stephanie and I carry the MSR Dragonfly Camp Stove on all of our trips and we love it.  It has temperature control so you can boil water in a hurry or you can turn it down low to simmer jambalaya for dinner.  It is not the most compact one, but for our purposes, it works the best.  If we didn’t carry the MSR Dragonfly, we would likely carry the MSR Whisperlite...

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REI Garage Sale

REI Garage Sale What is the REI Garage Sale? The REI Garage Sale is a sale that REI does about 3-4 times per year where they have a mass selling of all of their gear that is slightly used, returned, demo’d, or is last year’s model.   This means there is a huge opportunity for savings. When is the REI Garage Sale? It happens several times per year.  My best recommendation is to go to the REI website and sign up to receive events and happenings to your local REI.  There is usually one at the start of each new ‘season’ (beginning of ski season, end of ski season, beginning of summer, and end of summer). How does the REI Garage Sale work? Okay, this is very important…  I’m going to lay out how the REI garage sale works at the Denver REI.  This is one of the biggest REI’s in the nation and it is simply too big and too popular for it to just be a free for all.  The last few I have been to have left a few people disappointed because they didn’t receive the correct instructions.  Here is how the REI Garage sale works for REI Denver. Show up by 7:00am.  You don’t need to be crazy early.  A few minutes before 7:00 is fine. Stand in line.  An REI employee will come down...

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