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Shopping for our first RV

Shopping for our first RV Nate and I are some of the most decisive people when it comes to buying things and making decisions, sometimes even to a fault.  We bought our house in Arvada after seeing just 4 houses; the townhouse in Aurora we saw just 3 others.  I even purchased an investment property in Oklahoma City without Nate ever even seeing it.  When we know it, we know it!  However, it has not been quite so simple in purchasing a motorhome. Admittedly, at this point we have looked at less than 10 RVs (at least that were even...

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Nate and Steph – Adventure in a BackPack

Moving Forward. Ever since we moved to the Denver metro area, we have been asking ourselves “How can we move up into the mountains?”.  We thought about it, and strategized about it.  Finally, during this last month, we figured out that if we were going to do it, we needed to jump into the proverbial cold water instead of easing into it.  Now, we ARE indeed moving to the mountains, but there is more to it than that. We are basically selling everything we own and are moving into an RV so we can travel North America for the...

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MSR Dragonfly Stove Gear Review

MSR Dragonfly Stove Gear Review   We have had the MSR Dragonfly for a little over a year now.  We have taken it on roughly 20 nights worth of trips.  Let’s jump into it.  It weighs in right at 3/4 of a pound without the bottle and folds and packs up pretty nicely.  I comes with its own stuff sack and cleaning utensils but we usually leave those at home to save weight.  We have it coupled up with a 20 oz bottle which is honestly overkill for anything under 4 days.  It uses fuel very efficiently. We have...

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