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Author: Stephanie Yarbrough

GoPro Hero6 Black Review: Initial Impressions

GoPro HERO 6 Black Review: Initial Impressions After our previous GoPro decided to take a permanent vacation in the ocean, we picked up the new GoPro Hero 6 Black. We spent the first week testing out all of the features and came back with a better grasp of the camera’s capabilities. Watch the video below for the full GoPro Hero 6 Black Review. Click HERE to purchase the GoPro Hero6 on Amazon! In the GoPro Hero 6 Box What comes in the box with the GoPro Hero 6 is the GoPro camera itself, one quick adapter mount with thumb...

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Three Months of Living the Van Life

Three Months of Living the Van Life We can’t believe it’s been three months already in the van! This month was all about family and friends and things we never would’ve seen if we didn’t live this lifestyle. It’s been a really eye opening month! Living in a Van: Month Three Two really cool things happened this month. First, we got to see a bunch of friends and family that we haven’t seen in a while. These are folks we possibly wouldn’t have been able to visit had we not been living this lifestyle. That, to us, is really rad. Second, we ended this month with LESS problems on the van than when we started the month! Wooo! That is always something to celebrate! Month Three Route The month started off leaving San Jose and the Camelback Pursuit Series. Our ultimate goal for this month was to end up in San Diego (which we did) and to see as much of the Pacific Coast Highway (aka Highway 1) as possible. We accomplished both of those goals and saw some amazing things along the way. Here are some of the highlights: Big Sur: With landslides having taken out the highway in both directions from Big Sur, we had to take a steep, windy back mountain road to get into Big Sur at all. That was quite the adventure in itself, but...

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Top 10 Van Life Must Haves

Top 10 Van Life Must Haves Living in a van sounds like quite an adventure to many people, but there are challenges that go along with the lifestyle. These van life must haves are things that have made our life on the road easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.  Here is our #vanlife kit: Clean and Comfortable Van Living Van life doesn’t always have to be cramped, smelly, and dirty. Sure, some of those things happen from time to time, but your quality of life does not need to be diminished just because you live in a van. After...

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Van Life Safety Tips

Van Life Safety Staying safe when you travel – and in life in general – is a super important topic. Safety is avoiding dangerous situations by having superior situational awareness.  Let’s talk about how that relates to van life safety and traveling. Safety in Traveling Safety: /sāftē/; noun; the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury. We are often asked how we keep ourselves safe while we travel in our van or travel out of the country. There are so many possible situations in which we could get hurt or robbed, and people tend to...

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Vlog: Road Trip to Big Sur California

Highway 1 Road Trip Part 2: Big Sur California We took a trip down to the Big Sur Section of Highway 1 in California in our DIY Sprinter Campervan. This #Vanlife vlog covers a few of the activities we did in Big Sur California. Those landslides didn’t hold us back from seeing this beautiful area of the country. Related: Highway 1 Road Trip Part 1 HERE 39 Miles of Solitude Getting into Big Sur was an adventure in and of itself, as the only way currently to get in was through a windy, narrow, steep mountain road.  It was no problem for us, but it’s definitely something to consider if you aren’t comfortable driving in those conditions.  Thanks to the difficulty of getting into the area, we had the whole stretch of 39 miles in Big Sur to Gorda practically all to ourselves.  It was glorious!  We found a gorgeous campsite and we tried out some surfing on our paddle boards! Want More Videos? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the most up-to-date vlogs and videos released!  Our Gear for This Adventure The inflatable paddle boards we used in this adventure are from Gold Coast Surfboards, and can be found HERE. Our Camera Gear All of our videos are filmed with some combination of the following gear.  Click the component to be taken to the product page.*Disclaimer: we earn...

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