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Author: Stephanie Yarbrough

Getting Sick in 80 Square Feet

When You Live in a Van and Get Sick… We knew it would happen sooner or later. One of us (Steph) caught a cold last week while we visited Red Rock Canyon. Inevitably, Nate caught it as well. 80 Square Feet of Coughs While we typically live pretty healthy lives, I (Steph) have always been more prone to catching bugs than Nate. Typically, he is able to stay away from me long enough to not catch whatever I’ve caught, but we knew it would be more of a challenge while living in 80 square feet. Alas, we were right!...

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Getting Sponsored for Van Life

Getting Sponsored for Van Life: #Realtalk This is one of those real talk posts; one that goes deep into how we feel about getting sponsored for van life. The video below sums up our feelings in about 20 minutes or so, or keep reading.  The Mission of Adventure in a Backpack  Adventure in a Backpack started as more than just a blog, and we have continued to develop our mission over the years. We started Adventure in a Backpack to educate, inspire, and entertain our fans on adventuring safely and responsibly with the knowledge and tools to embrace our natural playground....

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Why You Should Visit Sequoia National Park in the Fall

Visiting Sequoia National Park in the Fall Visiting a National Park in the shoulder season is one of our best tricks to avoiding the hustle and bustle of peak times. We visited Sequoia National Park in the fall this year and it was an incredible experience. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park Originally, we had planned to spend about a week exploring Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon. Unfortunately, our van had other plans and it ended up in the shop for a few days. After getting ourselves back up and on the road, we had only two days...

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Beginner Climbs in Joshua Tree

Climbing and Bouldering in Joshua Tree  Tucked in the desert region of Southeastern California, Joshua Tree is a known climbing mecca among dirtbag climbers. But you don’t have to be a world class climber to enjoy the thrill of climbing in this unique area. There are some stoke-worthy beginner climbs in Joshua Tree National Park. Best Beginner Climbs in Joshua Tree As avid outdoorsmen, we are always seeking out the most unique ways to experience the outdoors. In Joshua Tree, it’s a no brainer to climb and boulder. But many beginner climbers are daunted by the sheer size of...

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Our Van Life Story

Why Did We Really Choose the Van Life? We get asked all the time why we live in a van. No, really…why do you live in a van? It MUST be deeper than the pretty Instagram pictures, right? Well, our story about why we chose the van life is indeed deeper than instagram pictures, but it’s an emotionally draining story to tell…but we have waited long enough. It’s time to tell that story. Our Van Life Story While it is a difficult story for us to talk about, we felt like it was necessary to share with all of...

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