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Author: Stephanie Yarbrough

Backpacking Necessities: Part Two

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed part one of this series and, more importantly, I hope you learned something new!  Part two of the Backpacking Necessities series covers the items that aren’t truly considered “necessary,” but I wouldn’t go camping or backpacking without.  If you want to do an ultralight trip, these are items that would probably stay at home.  But, I’d rather carry an extra few pounds than go without these!  These make life easier, more comfortable, and a lot more enjoyable on the trail.  After all, we are here to have a good time, right?  So, without further...

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Backpacking Necessities: Part One

Backpacking season is coming up quick, and one question we have received over and over is: “What do I actually NEED to bring with me?”  Well, luckily for all of you, we have learned the hard way for many things, so we can make your learning curve a little easier!  There are certain items that you really do need to have, and have good quality items, and there are items that you may not need but are actually really helpful.  This post will talk about the items that you need, and we will follow up with the helpful items. ...

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Snowmobiling in Grand Lake

For our most recent adventure, we set out to go snowmobiling in Grand Lake, Colorado.  What an adventure that was!  It was a gorgeous day for snowmobiling, as the weather was good and there was quite a bit of fresh snow on the ground. We started the day by heading to On the Trail in Grand Lake where we rented our snowmobile.  They went over the trails with us and provided snowmobiling suits, boots, and helmets.  The ladies at the front desk were great and they got us all set up to go out.  When we were suited up...

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Dog Boots: Ruffwear Summit Trex Review

Dog Boots: Ruffwear Summit Trex Review What is better than sharing your Adventure in a Backpack with your best friend?  Sharing it with them while they are protected and comfortable, that’s what!  This review is of the Ruffwear Summit Trex Dog Boots that we bought for our Doberman, Pyros.  We bought them for her so she would be more comfortable on the trail, as she is not as light on her feet or as sure-footed as our Bichon, Sparta.  Yes, I said Bichon.  He is a great trail dog!  But this is about Pyros and her boots… Performance The Ruffwear...

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Eagle Rock Loop: Where it All Began

We thought it would be appropriate on this #ThrowbackThursday to give some background as to how we started with our first Adventure in a Backpack.  So here is our story of Eagle Rock Loop!  We still lived in Oklahoma, and mid-April of 2013, we took a 3-day trip to Eagle Rock Loop near Mena, Arkansas. Preparation is Key For Christmas that year, Nate and I had loaded each other up with goodies for backpacking, knowing that we wanted to get into the hobby.  We had brand new backpacks, a new tent, stove, water filter… even our shoes were new! ...

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