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Author: Stephanie Yarbrough

The Adventure of Buying an RV

  We finally did it; we purchased and took possession of our new home on the road.  We bought a 2008 Crescendo by Gulf Stream! Starting the Adventure – Research! The process of purchasing an RV, especially a used one, was quite overwhelming at first.  After all, this will be our home for the next year or so, and we have never owned an RV before.  So those two together made this experience quite nerve-racking.  We did our research online and went to several dealerships to ensure we were familiar with what we wanted and needed before making the...

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A Solar Storm… or Not

This weekend there was a big hype about the solar storm that would cause beautiful auroras visible from northern parts of the U.S. up into Canada. Since we haven’t had great star-gazing conditions since we have been in Colorado, we decided to go out to see this. We checked the map for viewing conditions, and, luckily, the storm was going to be visible in northern Colorado. So Friday night, we loaded up the puppies and all of our camping and set out to northern Colorado for an Adventure in a Backpack (or car).

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Cathedral Lake

Cathedral Lake – Aspen, CO Trip Report for Cathedral Lake outside Aspen CO Cathedral Lake just outside of Aspen was a stunning view.  The pristine lake coupled with colorful flowers and a jagged peak backdrop created a view that was just out of a book.  The aspen tree covered forest leading up to the lake was unequaled.  I would love to do this hike again in the fall when the aspens change color. We started Saturday morning without much of a plan.  We knew we wanted to go up to the Leadville area, but had no set itinerary as...

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