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Author: Stephanie Yarbrough

Van Life Safety Tips

Van Life Safety Staying safe when you travel – and in life in general – is a super important topic. Safety is avoiding dangerous situations by having superior situational awareness.  Let’s talk about how that relates to van life safety and traveling. Safety in Traveling Safety: /sāftē/; noun; the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury. We are often asked how we keep ourselves safe while we travel in our van or travel out of the country. There are so many possible situations in which we could get hurt or robbed, and people tend to...

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Vlog: Road Trip to Big Sur California

Highway 1 Road Trip Part 2: Big Sur California We took a trip down to the Big Sur Section of Highway 1 in California in our DIY Sprinter Campervan. This #Vanlife vlog covers a few of the activities we did in Big Sur California. Those landslides didn’t hold us back from seeing this beautiful area of the country. Related: Highway 1 Road Trip Part 1 HERE 39 Miles of Solitude Getting into Big Sur was an adventure in and of itself, as the only way currently to get in was through a windy, narrow, steep mountain road.  It was no problem for us, but it’s definitely something to consider if you aren’t comfortable driving in those conditions.  Thanks to the difficulty of getting into the area, we had the whole stretch of 39 miles in Big Sur to Gorda practically all to ourselves.  It was glorious!  We found a gorgeous campsite and we tried out some surfing on our paddle boards! Want More Videos? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the most up-to-date vlogs and videos released!  Our Gear for This Adventure The inflatable paddle boards we used in this adventure are from Gold Coast Surfboards, and can be found HERE. Our Camera Gear All of our videos are filmed with some combination of the following gear.  Click the component to be taken to the product page.*Disclaimer: we earn...

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Van Life Monthly Update: Two Months In

Month Two Van Life After two months of living in our campervan full time, we are still learning ways to keep costs down and adventures high!   Living in a Van: Month Two in Review After driving a total of over 5,000 miles in our first month, we really didn’t want to do that much driving going forward.  Month two, however, racked up close to 3,000 miles with all of our adventures!  Our route changed several times as conditions in the PNW worsened with fires. Our Route Month Two We started out month two in the van in Snowbasin,...

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Vlog: Highway 1 Road Trip Part 1

Highway 1 Road Trip Part 1: Seattle to San Francisco Leaving out of Seattle, we had a good six days to make it to San Francisco before the next Pursuit Series.  Our goal was to make the most of road tripping the coastal highway down 101 through Oregon and Highway 1 in California.  But alas, things never go as planned… Roadside Repairs and Wildfires… From fires and smoke in Oregon and northern California to pulling off a wheel of the van on the side of the road, our trip wasn’t quite as relaxing as we had planned.  We did...

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Making Money While Traveling

How We Make Money While Traveling In our last post, we talked about how we save money to afford the van life.  In this post, we will be talking about all of the ways we make money on the road to travel full time. If you missed the last post, click here to read about it! Working While Traveling Contrary to “popular” belief *cough, Reddit, cough*, we are not trust fund kids.  Yes, we do have to work in order to maintain our lifestyle, but we are able to work from the road.  So long as we have internet...

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