Author: Stephanie Yarbrough

Boondocking in Moab Utah

There is an abundance of BLM land around Moab, so finding a place to park Backpack for this trip was relatively easy.  The hard part was picking an area!  The spot we ended up in is gorgeous and is just right for our type of camping.  Here is where we ended up boondocking in Moab Utah. Camping on Willow Springs Road The spot we chose is about 10 miles northwest of Moab on Willow Springs Road.  This road is a popular boondocking site for RVers and campers of all types.  Our site is approximately a half mile down the...

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An Up and Coming Adventurer

This is the tale of an up and coming adventurer: Caylea.  Caylea is our 9 year old niece, who lives in Oklahoma.  Over Spring Break this year, we decided to give her the trip of a 9-year old’s dream! Meet Caylea! As I mentioned, Caylea is our niece.  She is the oldest cousin on Steph’s side of the family, daughter to Steph’s sister Jennifer.  Caylea currently attends Sooner Elementary in Moore, Oklahoma.  She is a sharp cookie, too!  Caylea really enjoys school and was actually pretty excited to get back to school after her adventures in Colorado.   First...

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Washington D.C. – Our Nation’s Capitol

Washington D.C. – Our Nation’s Capitol On our trip back from Canada a few weeks ago, we had a layover in Washington D.C.  Instead of just taking the 2-3 hour layover and heading back to Colorado, we decided to make a weekend of it and actually stay in D.C. for a couple days.  Since neither of us had ever been there, it was the perfect opportunity to see the capitol!  Granted, we really only had one day to see it (our flight got in late Friday evening and we flew out EARLY Sunday morning).  So Saturday, we put on...

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LifeProof Unleashed Summer Road Trip Contest

LifeProof Unleashed Summer Road Trip Contest We have had quite the busy week this week, and I wanted to share some of it with you!  Of course, if you don’t know by now, we have entered into a contest for the LifeProof Unleashed Summer Road Trip!  So, I’ll begin by telling you about that and how you can HELP! LifeProof Unleashed Summer Road Trip To vote for our submission video, you can go to  Scroll down to see the submissions, and you will come to our video, Nate Y, with this thumbnail:Click the Vote with Facebook button and it...

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Backpacking Necessities Part Three: Stuff to AVOID

Things You Think Are A Great Idea But Are Really NOT! We have all walked into the camping section at REI, Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc. and became overwhelmed at the number of items they have there!  I will admit, some of it seems pretty neat, until you really think about it.  Some things are obviously useless, while others just don’t work the way they are supposed to.  But never fear!  I have compiled a list of these useless (or maybe less useful) items that you can really save your money and precious weight in your pack on.  ...

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