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Author: Stephanie Yarbrough

Van Life Build: Building Custom Cabinets

Building Cabinets in our Sprinter Van First and foremost, this isn’t going to be a “how to build camper cabinets” blog post or video.  While the cabinets turned out beautiful (in our opinion), we do not feel qualified to give a full tutorial on cabinetry.  So, this is more for inspiration and FYI…  Designing our Campervan Cabinets Our inspiration on our cabinets was to be modern and sleek.  We wanted clean lines, slick grey faces, and modern door pulls.  We topped it all off with square, white countertops. Making to most of the small amount of space that we...

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DIY Campervan Build: Installing Ceilings

Installing ceilings in our campvervan Sometimes your fence blows over and gives you an amazing idea for your ceilings in your Sprinter buildout! Using Fence Panels for Campervan Ceiling Obviously when our fence blew over, we weren’t incredibly happy about it.  But, rather than sending all of those gorgeous cedar panels to the landfill, we decided to take the opportunity to reduce waste and reuse them in our campervan.  The panels weren’t very old, so most of them were still in great shape. Using fence panels for the ceiling turned out even better than we could’ve imagined. Total Project...

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#VanLife Progress: Insulating our Campervan

Insulating our campvervan We really wish we could say there was an easy Sprinter Van Insulation Kit that made everything streamlined and simple.  But there’s not… What is the best way to insulate a van? That’s a great question; I’m glad you asked!  If you’ve done any research at all on how to insulate a campervan, you know that there are approximately 1.73 million ways to do it.  And no one actually thinks their way is the best way.  So, we’ve decided that the best way to insulate a van is to pick one direction and stick to it!...

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Campervan Build: MaxxAir Fan Installation Pt. 1

Why the MaxxFan Deluxe? We’ve opted against adding an air conditioner in our campervan, so we needed to maximize airflow.  What better way to maximize airflow than with a MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe? I mean, it’s in the name! Another reason we opted for this particular model, the MaxxFan 7500k, was because it has an aerodynamic, rainproof design that allows you to keep the fan running any time – from driving down the road to a rain shower, we should be able to keep the fans going whenever we want to. Will a MaxxFan Deluxe be cool? I mean, we can’t...

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VanLife Tutorial: Sound Proofing a Campervan

Sound Proofing the Sprinter In its previous life, our Sprinter was a work van.  And despite being a Mercedes, it still was quite noisey driving down the road.  We decided to install FatMat Rattle Trap Sound Dampener to make the ride quieter for our campervan. How Much Sound Proofing Is Needed? We used 50 square feet of 80mil FatMat RattleTrap and we thought that was the perfect amount for our 170″ WB Sprinter.  It covered all of the major spots and more.  There was a bit of factory installed sound dampener in our Sprinter, but we definitely wanted some...

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