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Adventure in a Backpack – An Adventure Blog

Welcome to Adventure in a Backpack, an Adventure Blog!  The mission of Adventure in a Backpack is to Educate, Inspire, and Entertain it’s fans on Adventuring Safely, and Responsibly with the knowledge and tools to embrace our natural playground.

Outdoor Education

We get an overwhelming amount of questions over adventuring.  How do you shower in a campervan?  How do I tie a rope to my climbing harness?  Won’t I fall?  What if there is not already an anchor for top-roping? What equipment do I need to go paddleboarding?  How do I adjust the brakes on my mountain bike?  How do I mount bindings on a pair of snow skis?


There is a lot to learn…

Fortunately, you now have somebody to ask!

Have a Question?  There’s a button for that!  What is keeping you from going on an adventure?  Fill out the form below and ask us!  Who knows?  if it’s a good enough question, it may even get a dedicated blog post!

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