Adventure Travel Holiday Gift Guide: Free Gifts

Let’s kick off this holiday season with some useful gift ideas for those adventurers in your life! In the first of this series, we will cover some seriously thoughtful gifts that don’t cost you a dime.

Free Gifts for Adventurers

This is part one of our Holiday Gift Guide Series for 2017, and we wanted to start it off a little differently. We live a very minimalistic life and don’t wish to promote overspending on unnecessary items. So, to start off our gift guides, we’re actually starting with some ideas that won’t cost you a dime – just a little bit of your time and thoughts.

DIY Christmas

Some of my fondest Christmas memories are from thoughtful gifts rather than material items. When I was in college, I started a trend with my family to do a “DIY Christmas.” Everything we gifted each other had to be handmade. And, to make it more manageable, we drew names and only got gifts for one family member. I was sick of getting silly toys and trinkets that I knew I would end up selling at a garage sale in a few months. So what was the point of doing it? It’s the thought that counts, right? So we did it that year. I bet if you asked anyone in my family what they received that year, they’d remember.

Of course, we made exceptions for the kids. They still got their toys. But the adults had fonder memories of the craftsmanship and thought that went into their gifts. Hand carved picture frames, knitted hats and scarves, upcycled fence posts; the creativity flowed that year. It was an incredible experience for all of us.

Thoughtful Gifts for Adventurers

Now, I’m not saying you need to hand make every gift, and that’s not what this gift guide is about. This gift guide is meant to spur some ideas that can be thoughtful gifts while not having to spend any money. We all know money is tight this time of year, so try stretching your brain rather than your dollar. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Create a Travel Guide

Create a directory of your favorite travel and adventure blogs that you think your adventurer would enjoy reading. Is this person into rock climbing? Find some informative and entertaining dirtbag blogs! Pick out a few of your favorite posts for them and put it into an adventure guide. They’re going to Costa Rica this summer? Find some insider information on Costa Rica and give them the scoop! Hint: Pinterest will be your friend on this one!

Capture - Adventure Travel Holiday Gift Guide: Free Gifts
- Adventure Travel Holiday Gift Guide: Free Gifts

Form an App Pack

Adventurers, travelers, outdoorsmen, really everyone uses apps. Put together a pack of apps that your adventurer would enjoy or find useful. Apps like AllTrails are very useful for hikers and wanderers, while an app like PeakFinder is both useful and fun! Going into cities can be tough, so an app like TripScout is useful to find some local hot spots (use code adventureinabackpack for a free guide). Putting together a pack of fun and useful apps will make your adventurer’s life so much easier.

Roadtrip Playlist

The days of mixtapes aren’t completely gone, they’ve just found a new medium. Create a road trip playlist of your favorite jams that you think your adventurous friend would enjoy. Road trips are a great time to discover new music, so this is a perfect opportunity to introduce your friends to your favorite local area bands that you love. Mix it up, keep it lively, and have fun with this one! Bonus points if you share the playlist with us!

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Create a Reading List

If your adventurous friend is a bookworm, give them a list of your favorite adventure-filled titles to read! We are all constantly looking for a good book to dive into while we’re on the plane, train, bus, or hanging in a hammock. First-hand suggestions always trump online reviews, so put together a list of fun and useful books that you think the adventurer in your life would enjoy. This would be a great add-on gift to a Kindle gift card, as well, if you’re looking to spend a little cash. If not, it’s a thoughtful gift that anyone would appreciate.

Write a Letter

Nothing says “I’ve put some thought into this” like a heartfelt letter. While I’m not overly sentimental most of the time, I do cherish the few letters I get each year, handwritten, not mass-produced. It’s a lost art to tell someone how you feel about them and tell words of encouragement through ink and paper. Write a letter to a friend or family member and tell them how much they mean to you and how they inspire you. Encouragement comes in many forms, and there isn’t much that is more powerful than your written words of encouragement in a heartfelt letter.

Send an Adventure in a Backpack Sticker

 Hey, if all else fails, we’ve got your back. Shoot us an email and we’ll send you a free Adventure in a Backpack sticker for your adventurous friend! Note: limited supply available, U.S addresses only.

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Best Gifts for Adventure Travelers

Finding the best gifts for adventurers can be a daunting task. Gear can get expensive, and without being an expert, what do you even buy? We hope this has encouraged you to think about some more heartfelt and thoughtful gifts that you can give without spending anything. Stay tuned and make sure you’re subscribed for the next part of our Holiday Gift Guides with gifts under $25!

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Find the best FREE gift ideas for adventure travelers here! Give a thoughtful gift this year!