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Winter Vanlife, It’s more than Skiing Powder – Ep 0: Intro

When Plans Fall Through…Make New Plans. We are getting a late start on our winter vanlife roadtrip.  Initially, we were going to be working with another media outlet to create ski specific content for them while creating the vanlife behind the skiing content for you here on Adventure in a Backpack… but that’s not happening.  The ball was dropped which left us hanging out to dry.  So, what to do?  We come up with a NEW plan. A Different Plan A Better Plan. Steph, the roadtrip ninja came up with an awesome roadtrip that will involve 10 different ski...

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Installing Walls in our DIY Campervan

Wall Paneling in our campvervan Walls are fun, right?!  Rather than installing wood paneling in our campervan, we decided to use a gloss white wall panel that is basically dry erase.  It’s a clean, white look and makes the van feel much larger! How do you attach walls to a sprinter van? Rather than putting a ton of screws directly into the Sprinter walls, we attached furring strips down the length of the van.  We then used those to secure the walls to minimize the number of screws going directly into the metal. Total Project Cost: $347.39 Tools/Items You...

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Vanlife Tutorial: How to Remove Seats from a Mercedes Sprinter

Removing the seats? But why? We needed to clean underneath the seats as well as install swivel-seats, so they needed to go… but only for a while… Was it easy to remove the seats? Removing the seats in our Mercedes Sprinter was a pretty straightforward process, honestly, and fortunately had nothing that was exciting about it. Tools/Items You Will Need Torx Bit Set Drill Ratchet and Socket Set Baggies PB Blaster for Stuck Bolts Step by Step… Let’s go… Removing the seats vs removing the pedestals:   We chose to just remove the seats rather than the pedestals.  Under the...

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How to Prep A Campervan Floor for a DIY Campervan Build

Removing the Floor of a Campervan. Easy Peasy. If there is one thing we are good at doing… it’s tearing shit up!!  Let’s get this party started!! Campervan… You’re Dirty… Let’s get you cleaned up! So we have started construction on our DIY camper van and the first step we had to do was take out the flooring. The flooring that was in the camper van was just your typical utility van flooring. It was dirty. It was grimy. There was potentially rust on it.  It was not something we wanted to live on top of. So the first...

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5 Reasons We Traded Our RV for a DIY Campervan

Our DIY Campervan and Adventure-Mobile This post is long overdue, and it’s already Facebook official, but let’s make it Adventure in a Backpack Blog official. WE BOUGHT A CAMPERVAN!! Introducing our DIY Campervan! Well, okay, it’s just a smelly work van right now… BUT, after we are done with it, it will be a bad to the bone DIY Campervan Conversion adventure-mobile.The van we bought is a 2007 Mercedes Sprinter with 190,000 miles.  We paid $12,400 for it.  It’s honestly in a great shape!  You will be seeing a LOT of it in the future of this blog. (Yes,...

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