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How to Make the Most of Your Park City Ski Trip

Making the Most of Your Park City Ski Trip Your Park City ski trip might just be the most epic family vacation ever, if you plan it right. Here are some tips to make the most of your trip to Park City Utah. Why Should You Visit Park City Before we jump into the tips for your Park City ski trip, let’s start with why you should plan a trip here: and, believe me, you should. The resort is just about a half-hour drive from Salt Lake City International Airport, making it easy to get to and from the resort....

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Espar D2 Diesel Heater Installation

Espar D2 Diesel Heater Installation As we head into the winter months, the most important new modification to our van is the Espar D2 Diesel Heater installation to ensure we stay nice and toasty on our snowsports adventures. Parts List Heater Package: Resistent Loom: Note: The heater package above includes the 801 controller, which is NOT the same one that we show in the video.  The 801 Controller combines the function of the easystart select controller like what we have but INCLUDES the external temperature sensor.  The wiring diagram for both the easystart select and the 801 controller...

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Best Things About Living in a Van Full Time

Best Things About Living in a Van Full Time We’ve been living in our van full time for about 5 months now. There have been ups and downs throughout this time, but we want to focus on the best things that have happened. Here are our Top 10 Best Things About Living in a Van Full Time. You Become More Flexible When you live in 80 square feet, you become more flexible… oh wait, I didn’t mean physically! Living in a van full time allows us to be flexible with our plans; we can go anywhere at any time...

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Vlog: Roadtrip from California to Oklahoma

A 1300 Mile Road Trip This week’s vlog is our road trip leaving California (sad face) and heading to Oklahoma for the holidays! Traveling 1300 miles and mountain biking in Sedona… watch it all below! Holiday Plans and What’s Next? We’ve arrived safely in Oklahoma and are ready to get to work for the next few weeks. But don’t worry, we still have plenty to share with you! We’ll be unloading the van, changing out our summer gear for winter gear, installing a heater in the campervan, and doing a full-on audit of our belongings. So stay tuned and...

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Vlog Update: Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving of Nomads One tough thing to plan for while living as nomads is holidays. We rarely know very far in advance where we will be, so we have to be okay with being away from friends and family during some holidays. However, we happened to be with family over Thanksgiving, and it was a spectacular holiday! Thanksgiving Day with Van Lifers When we lived in a house, Steph always enjoyed cooking and entertaining for friends. So for the last two years, this is something she has really missed doing – and takes every opportunity she gets to cook...

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