Author: Stephanie Yarbrough

How to Get Mail While Traveling Full Time

Getting Mail While Traveling Full Time Living without a permanent address can have its drawbacks. Getting mail while traveling full time is one of those drawbacks. It’s not always easy to get packages on the road, but in this video and post, we’ll explain the best ways we’ve found to get mail while traveling. Note: Some of these tips work in the United States only! Packages are a Pain While getting letters is pretty simple (I’ll talk about that shortly), getting packages while on the road has proven to be quite difficult. Over the past couple years, we’ve had...

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Campervan Kitchen: French Dip Subs

Campervan Kitchen: French Dip Subs Our philosophy on cooking in a campervan is to keep it simple. We use as few ingredients as possible and as few dishes as possible, but still manage to make tasty meals that no one complains over! This is our first episode of Campervan Kitchen, and today we are making French Dip Subs. French Dips Fast This French Dip Sub recipe is pretty simple. It’s our go-to recipe when we have been on the road all day, don’t really have time to cook, but also don’t want fast food. Since it only takes about...

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Winter Van Life at Mammoth Mountain

Winter Van Life at Mammoth Mountain We pull into our campsite in the evening, finding our first free campsite of the year. After making camp, we cook dinner, let the pup out to run, then turn in for the night. In the morning, grab our coffee and we make our way down to the natural hot spring adjacent to our campsite. Soaking up the beauty around us, we sip our coffee and start the day. Welcome to Mammoth Mountain Gone are the days of hardcore skiing and being in line when the lifts open. It’s now Spring skiing, where...

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WeBoost 4G Signal Booster Review

WeBoost 4G Signal Booster Review We work from the road, which means having internet is essential to sustain our travels. Our weBoost 4G Signal Booster allows us to get wifi on the road and continue our work.  Getting Internet in a Van The simple answer to how to get wifi in a van, at least in our case, is that we use 4G data to tether to our laptops. We have an Unlimited Data plan from AT&T that allows us to turn our phones into a hotspot. We do not have a separate hotspot device; we simply use our...

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Winter Van Life in Squaw Valley

Winter Van Life in Squaw Valley As we pulled into Squaw Valley for our seventh stop on our Winter Van Life tour, we immediately knew this was a van life town. Just judging from the parking lot of the ski hill, we could tell we would fit in nicely here. Scenery in Squaw Valley Driving in from Reno, I-80 to Truckee is a scenic highway drive, with cliffs and rivers captivating your attention in every direction. Turning south from Truckee toward Squaw Valley, the Truckee River winds its way through the valley along the road the entire drive. With...

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