LifeProof Unleashed Summer Road Trip Contest

We have had quite the busy week this week, and I wanted to share some of it with you!  Of course, if you don’t know by now, we have entered into a contest for the LifeProof Unleashed Summer Road Trip!  So, I’ll begin by telling you about that and how you can HELP!

LifeProof Unleashed Summer Road Trip

To vote for our submission video, you can go to  Scroll down to see the submissions, and you will come to our video, Nate Y, with this thumbnail:Lifeproof Unleashed Summer Road Trip
Click the Vote with Facebook button and it will ask you to log in with Facebook to vote.  Once you have voted, you can share it on your Facebook page!  Sharing on your Facebook page enters YOU into a drawing for a FREE LifeProof case, so definitely do it!  Once you have done that, you can also vote with the Vote with Twitter button.  That’s right, you can vote for us TWICE, every day!  The contest is going on until March 9th, so come back every day to vote again.  Voting for LifeProof Unleashed Summer Road Trip Contest

Okay, so about the contest!  The LifeProof Unleashed Summer Road Trip is a 3 month road trip, where you and your partner travel around in an EarthRoamer and promote LifeProof’s products as a brand ambassador.  If selected, we would be attending some major events such as the Summer X-Games, the Vans U.S. Open Surf Competition, and the Overland Expo.  Oh, and since this is truly work, LifeProof pays you while you are on this road trip.

Don’t get me wrong, this will be an absolute blast if we are selected; however, it is going to be work as well.  We will be promoting the brand, selling products, and going to different events with the team.  We will be taking pictures and video along the way, along with posting on social media sites.  So, even though it will be fun and exciting, they aren’t doing this just to send a couple on a vacation!  LifeProof will definitely be expecting results, and we know we can deliver!

We found out about the contest randomly on Facebook about a week before the deadline to submit a video.  The rules were to submit a video between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long demonstrating why you and your partner would be the best candidates to represent LifeProof on the LifeProof Unleashed Summer Road Trip.  So, as soon as we found out about it, we got to work on our video!

Making the Video

I would be a complete liar if I said this was totally hard work to create the video.  It was hard work, but it was FUN!  We scripted out what we wanted to say and what messages we wanted to convey to LifeProof.  Then, we got to filming.  In just one weekend, we filmed ourselves skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, ice skating, and biking.  We didn’t want to just tell LifeProof that we did all of these things; we wanted to show them! Of course, some things, like water skiing or paddling, were impossible to show us doing specifically for this video, so we did include some pictures from prior trips.

We went skiing at Winter Park on Friday, as we knew that would take the longest to film since we had to take lifts up, wait for other skiers to pass, find an open and sunny run, etc.  We got a late start and didn’t get to the hill until about 2:30pm (I had to work that day), so it was a mad dash to finish before the lifts closed at 4pm.  We skied over to the Winter Park side of the mountain (we always park on the Mary Jane side), where it was sunnier and the runs were groomed, making it easier to film a good spray.  Filming this was fun because it was our first shot at it and we were struggling with our lines! But we got all of the lines we wanted to film done before the lifts closed.  Well, sort of… we ended up traversing across the Jane side to the parking lot because we wouldn’t make another lift if we skied down to the bottom.  This wasn’t a problem anyway, because that’s what we normally do to get back to the car (oh, the things we do to avoid taking a lift!).Steph Skiing

Saturday was the major FULL day!  We got up early and immediately went to the ice skating rink behind our RV park.  This only took a few minutes to film because it was just filming Nate.  I’m not a great ice skater, so I didn’t even attempt that one!  After that, we headed over to Grand Lake for some snowshoeing!

The snowshoeing trail we intended to use was packed (duh, it was a Saturday!), so we had to make due.  There were some good areas to snowshoe around the lake, so that’s where we filmed a lot of it.  Then, we decided that snowshoeing ON the lake would be cool, since the backdrop is amazing!  That’s where we got most of our good shots.Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National Park


Rock climbing was our next task.  We had all of our gear with us, but our problem was that we had yet to discover any great climbing areas around us (and believe me, we’ve looked).  The rock in the canyons is too flaky; the rock in Grand Lake is too sloping, so you could scramble rather than climb it.  We drove around to several spots and hiked to some areas that looked perhaps doable.  We finally found a place that actually had some good rock, but there weren’t too many routes.  It had 2 good cracks, and we were able to not only film there but also get some good crack climbing practice in!  We stayed there for a while, mainly because we hadn’t climbed all winter and we were LOVING it!

Nate Climbing 2

Finally, we had some biking to do!  Yay!  Another thing we haven’t done much of this winter! We headed up to the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land behind the RV park for some scenic backdrops and quiet back roads.  It was quite windy there, so we had to try several times before we got really good shots, but we had a blast doing it!

The last bit of the video that we needed to film was the little dialogue back and forth for the very end of the submission.  That was HARD to film!  We used 3 different locations and filmed countless times to get it right.  It didn’t help that we had the giggles to start out, and that Nate kept making me laugh in the middle of the video!  But, we surprisingly did get several takes of it that were really good, so we had a lot of material to work with.


To the Computers!

Of course, once we shot all of that video, it came to editing.  Nate is much better and more patient at editing than I am, so I pretty much just told him which clips I liked, helped pick out some of the music and pictures, and gave input here and there.  Aside from that, I decided to work that weekend so he could work on the video.

We ended up with what we thought was a really good video that portrayed our personalities and our interests.  What did you think about it?

What Happens Now?

There are going to be SIX teams going on to the next round.  That’s right, the voting process isn’t the be-all, end-all.  The team that wins the popular vote is just ONE of those teams that goes on.  After that, LifeProof’s judges will select five additional teams based on their criteria of originality, creativity, and relevance to their brand and their goals.  So, whereas the voting process is still EXTREMELY important to us, we are not out if we don’t win first, theoretically.

Once the voting is over and LifeProof has selected their five potential teams, they will then have us all come to Fort Collins to do some interviews.  At that point, we are not sure exactly what the interviews consist of, but we do know they are 3 days long.  They will be testing our photography and videography skills, assessing our personalities and on-camera skills, knowledge of LifeProof’s products and brands, social savvy, and our writing and story telling abilities.

Once the interviews are over, LifeProof will make their selection for the winning team.  After it is announced, that team will go through some training and then hit the road in May!

We are definitely excited about this whole process, and we truly think we have a decent shot at being selected.  This would be a great opportunity for us to expand our adventure knowledge and meet some great people along the way!  So what are you waiting for?  Go Vote!!