Shopping for our first RV

Nate and I are some of the most decisive people when it comes to buying things and making decisions, sometimes even to a fault.  We bought our house in Arvada after seeing just 4 houses; the townhouse in Aurora we saw just 3 others.  I even purchased an investment property in Oklahoma City without Nate ever even seeing it.  When we know it, we know it!  However, it has not been quite so simple in purchasing a motorhome.

Admittedly, at this point we have looked at less than 10 RVs (at least that were even close to in our price range).  But for us, that’s quite a few.  We have it pretty well narrowed down to three at the moment, and we are hoping to make a decision this week.

The things we are looking for in a motorhome are: Class A, diesel, length between 34 and 40 feet, a washer/dryer (or hookups so we can add one), towing capacity to tow Nate’s truck, plenty of room for us and the dogs, lots of storage, and a larger refrigerator.  So, that being said, here are our current options.

The first one on our list (and this list is only in the order we viewed them) is a 2006 Fleetwood Bounder.

Fleetwood Bounder Review

It has a 300hp CAT diesel engine with 21,000 miles on it.  It’s a 38 footer with 3 slides.  We like the layout of this one and the overall design, but it is a little older and has a few items that have gone wrong with it (small stuff like the counter pull out jams, etc.).

Fleetwood Bounder Review

I like the booth dinette on this one, but I don’t love the white leather couches.  I think Pyros would tear that up in about 30 seconds if she lays on it (she’s a digger).  It does have a washer/dryer in it already, and it has plenty of storage.  The exterior shows slight signs of wear, mainly just the vinyl graphics being faded.

Our second option is a 2008 Gulfstream Crescendo.

2008 Gulfstream Crecendo Review

It has a 330hp Cummins Diesel engine with just 13,000 miles on it.  It is 39 feet long and has two slides.  The layout on this one is different in that it has an entertainment center that separates the living area and the dining/kitchen area.

2008 Gulfstream crescendo interior

I like the separation, and it’s a little different than most RVs.  I like the darker interior rather than all white leather couches, since we will have our dogs living with us here.  It does have washer/dryer hookups, but there is not one currently in the RV.  We would have to purchase one.  This one has tons of storage all over, including a full pass-through storage area in the underbelly.  It appears to have been taken very good care of over the years, inside and out.  I’m not crazy about the freestanding dining table, as I prefer the booth style, but I like where it is located.  It also has a smaller fridge, which means more trips to the store for Nate’s milk!

The third option is a 2005 Monaco Cayman.

2005 Monaco Cayman Review

It is the least expensive on the list by about $15k, but the interior shows that as well.  It has a 300hp Cummins Diesel engine with 31,000 miles on it.  It is a 36 footer with 2 slides.

2005 Monaco Cayman Interior

The interior layout is nice and it has the larger fridge that we like.  It also has a washer/dryer in it already, so that would save us additional money.  It is a bit smaller than the previous two, which means we would have less storage space as well.  The interior has been well kept, but my biggest holdback on this one is simply how dated the interior looks.  It would need quite a bit of sprucing up for it to feel like our home.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t be devastated if Pyros tore up that couch!

There are our three options currently.  I won’t reveal to you right now which one we are leaning towards, because I want you to give us your unbiased opinions.  We truly appreciate your input!

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