Today, we went on our first real adventure since moving into the RV.  We went snowshoeing for the first time!  Nate picked up some MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes for us at the Denver REI Garage Sale a few months back (you can check out that post HERE), and we hadn’t had a chance yet to use them, until today.  It was a beautiful sunny day, so we headed over to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) near Grand Lake for the adventure.

RMNP Showshoe Adventure

First time snowshoeing!

The Adventure

Of course, being a beautiful sunny day and having just gotten a few inches of fresh powder, we were quite tempted to go skiing today at Winter Park.  However, today is Sunday and it’s a holiday weekend (MLK Day), so it was going to be PACKED.  We opted out of the lift lines and opted for a new adventure instead.  Because, hey, we live up here, so we can go skiing any day when the lift lines aren’t packed!  Score for us!  Anyway, it got us out of our typical routine and into a new adventure.  And we got to put those sweet snowshoes to use!

In Rocky Mountain National Park, we went over to a short little out and back trail called Green Mountain Trail.  We got quite a late start, so we decided to only do about half of it, since we would be taking pictures and video along the way.  That was probably a good decision, as we got back into Grand Lake about a half hour before sunset and it was COLD by then!  I wouldn’t have been a happy camper if we were still on the trail by then.  As much as I love snow, I HATE being cold.  And Nate, being the wonderful husband he is, knows that very well.  🙂

Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National Park

Nate snowshoeing really well…


So, the snowshoes!  They were pretty fun!  I really enjoyed being able to trek up a trail with about 6 inches of fresh powder and NOT sink in.  We have hiked in RMNP on snowy trails with just our hiking boots before, and wow, you can really tell the difference!  Uphill was great because you didn’t have to worry about sliding back down, and I was a lot more sure-footed, so I wasn’t having to look at my feet quite as much.  That was nice because I could watch for wildlife… that we never saw.  Bummer.  Downhill in the snowshoes was easy as well.  Again, not having to worry about sliding or sinking was nice.

Running in the snowshoes… not so much.  Not exactly what they are meant for, but of course we had to try it!  This of course came about when some cross-country skiers passed us and it looked fun!  So, Nate decided that running down the trail in snowshoes would be similar… not the same, not the same AT ALL.  Check out the video for my ridiculous attempt at that!

After snowshoeing, we headed over to Grand Lake for some wings and drinks and to catch the end of the Denver Broncos whooping up on those Steelers!  We also caught the sunset over Grand Lake, which was outstanding.

Overall, we really liked snowshoeing.  It was a good change from our normal winter sport, and it gave us the opportunity to see those trails that we hike in the spring and summer all covered in snow, which is gorgeous.  I would have loved to see some wildlife, but you win some, you lose some.  We had fun regardless!

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RMNP Snowshoeing

We had a blast snowshoeing!