Swiss Peak Gear Review

Swiss Peak Tritan Bottle


*Disclaimer* We were asked to provide a fair and honest review of the following products in exchange for the products to be given to us at no cost.  We are not paid by Swiss Peak and do not receive a commission or compensation for this review or any links on these products.

Swiss Peak is an outdoor gear company out of The Netherlands, and we were excited to get some of their gear to test for our outdoor activities and adventures.  The two products that we tested and will review are the Swiss Peak Tritan Bottle and the Swiss Peak Traveler Umbrella.  For more information on where you can purchase these products, click here.

Swiss Peak Tritan Bottle

This 750ml bottle (that’s the equivalent of a bottle of wine, for those of you not familiar with ml) is a great size and shape for carrying around in your backpack.  It’s a smaller water bottle, so it fits easily in your pack or clipped to a carabiner.  For a hiking water bottle, it’s great for day hikes or as an additive bottle.  I like to have a bit of Mio or Gatorade mixed into one bottle of water on a hike, so this makes for a great bottle to mix in those additives as well.  The Swiss Peak Tritan Bottle also as a handle on the lid for easy carrying/clipping to a carabiner.  I like this feature a lot, as it allows me to hook it to my pack while hiking, or over the side of my kayak to keep the water cool!

We tested this hiking water bottle over the period of about two weeks and took it hiking, biking, and kayaking over that period.  We also tossed it in and out of the car repeatedly and in and out of our bags as we dropped gear off and changed it out for different adventures.  This water bottle was put to the test with our abuse, but it stood up quite well!

Swiss peak Tritan Bottle

The Swiss Peak Tritan Bottle is marketed as a bottle with a straw; however, I would disagree with that.  The mouth is narrowed and protruded, but I wouldn’t call it a straw.  If that’s my only complaint, I think it’s pretty good!

Overall, I thought this Swiss Peak Tritan Bottle makes for a great hiking water bottle, and a great overall addition to our adventure gear.

To purchase this hiking water bottle, visit (currently only available via Amazon UK).

Swiss Peak Traveler 21” Automatic Umbrella

Swiss Peak Traveler Umbrella

This is one piece of gear that I hope I don’t have to use, but I always want to keep on me: an umbrella!  I was a bit skeptical of this one at first due to how small and lightweight it was, but I was happily proven wrong when we took the Swiss Peak Traveler 21” Automatic Umbrella out in a storm in Glacier Mountain National Park.  Not only did this umbrella do its job of keeping me dry but it also stood up quite well to the heavy wind.  It’s a quite sturdy little umbrella.

The lightweight, packable Swiss Peak umbrella is a great addition to our hiking and backpacking gear.  It packs down to about the size of a soda can and is light enough that it doesn’t add much to our packs.  To be able to take pictures in the rain, it’s worth the extra bit of weight!  This umbrella would also work great for commuters heading to work on a rain-forecasted day.

Swiss Peak Traveler Umbrella

When it says “Automatic,” what that means is that you press the button and it expands. You press the button again and it collapses back down, ready to be packed up again.  I really like this feature, except when I accidentally hit the button while I was walking through the rain!  Oops!  Don’t do that, and you’ll be fine!

Our only complaint with this umbrella is that Nate thought it was a touch too small, although he could fit under it no problem.  Admittedly, we couldn’t both fit under it, but let’s be honest, it never works out as planned when two people try to share an umbrella.  Even our larger umbrella doesn’t actually cover both of us, so it was nice for me (Steph) to have my own umbrella.  I did not have any complaints about the size.

Overall, we really liked the Swiss Peak Traveler 21” Automatic Umbrella and would highly recommend it to anyone, not just outdoorsmen.

Swiss Peak Umbrella

Both the Swiss Peak Tritan Bottle and the Swiss Peak Traveler 21” Automatic Umbrella are high quality outdoor items that we would highly recommend.  We enjoyed using these products and hope to see more from Swiss Peak in the future.  Be sure to check out their website at!  Although they are not currently available in the U.S., they are working to get their brand launched in the U.S. soon and we will keep everyone updated on the official launch!  We are excited about it!

Thanks for reading our review of the Swiss Peak Tritan Bottle and the Swiss Peak Traveler 21” Automatic Umbrella!  Be sure to check out more of our gear reviews here!  If you have a product that you would like to hear more about, drop us a comment below!  Until next time, Live Vicariously!