Full Time RVing

We have officially been full-time RVers for a full week now.  What a week it has been, too!  We knew it would be a transition into full-time RVing, and boy were we right about that!  We are still working on settling into a routine, but we are slowly getting there.

Day one in the RV was a little rough; it got pretty cold in the RV overnight and we had a little bit of a problem trying to keep Balboa, our ball python, warm.  But after a few adjustments and a panicked call to an expert, we got her warmed back up and happy as a clam!  She is now residing in a much smaller tank (we’re calling it her winter cabin) right near the fireplace and has her heat rock going.  She’s toasty and happy, which makes us happy.

Ball Python

Balboa is doing much better!

Once we got that issue settled, we had to work on keeping the rest of us warm!  We added some weather stripping and extra window seals to keep the bedroom nice and toasty.  We are focusing currently on keeping the bedroom warm and the rest of the RV tolerable, so we don’t use up all of our propane heating the entire 38-footer.  After our fiasco of night one, we haven’t had a single issue with getting cold.  As a matter of fact, I got a little hot last night and it was -17 degrees out!  

The pups have been doing great and seem to be enjoying the RV life as much as possible in the below zero weather.  We haven’t let them out much other than to go to the bathroom, because it’s been below zero and we don’t want them getting too cold!  Sparta is learning to like his boots now that he realizes he can run in the snow without his feet freezing.  Pyros likes to eat the snow, silly puppy! Just avoid that yellow snow!

Sparta rockin' his boots!

Sparta rockin’ his boots!

Kremmling, Colorado

The town of Kremmling has been quite nice.  We have met several very nice people and have been welcomed into the town so far.  It’s a tad too cold to get out and do much right now, but we have explored a few pubs and the coffee shop.  Hopefully it will warm up in the next few weeks so we can walk around the town a bit more.  

We have gotten to get out and see a bit of wildlife!  We have seen tons of deer, and a herd of elk.  Of course, being the dead of winter, there isn’t much else.  We’re hoping to go scout for moose soon, though!  Aside from wildlife, the views are just breathtaking.  Sunsets are amazing here in the Rockies, and the views we have are great.  The RV park we are in backs right up to BLM (Bureau of Land Management) property, so we don’t have any buildings in our way!  We see elk on the mountains behind us just about every day.

Buck in Colorado

Deer Chillin’ in the snow

I know, I know, you want to see the RV!  Well, it’s still a mess, so you’re going to have to wait a little while longer.  Maybe I’ll make that my weekend project.  Or going on an adventure… adventure will probably win!  Little by little, we are getting more organized and putting things into their places.  We have also begun keeping track of things that we brought with us that we don’t think we really need.  I’m sure there will be another trip or two to donate our stuff!  We are getting the hang of this minimalist lifestyle and loving it!  

Well, that’s about all I have as far as an update for now.  We will keep you posted as we continue.  Cheers to adventures!

Elk Migration in Colorado

Elk in Kremmling, CO


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