It is what it is; that’s the motto we live by.  That’s the motto that Nate’s dad, our biggest role model, lived by.  So when our travels end up being not so stellar, we just roll with it.  And that’s what happened when we planned our visit to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Great Salt Rash, err… Lake

So, many of you already know this, but I (Steph) am allergic to everything.  I’m still discovering new things all the time that give me fits, and our travels have definitely exposed me to some things I never knew I was allergic to.  But that won’t stop me from trying!  I was so excited to see the Great Salt Lake.  I had heard great things about the salt crystals forming beautiful designs and catching the sunlight just perfectly.  I was so excited!  And when we got there, wow, it was gorgeous!  Windy, but still gorgeous.  We pulled over on one of the salty beaches and let the dogs out for a run while we walked on the beach (I know, so romantic).

Salt Lake City

When we pulled in, I started having some allergy attacks, but just the normal stuffy nose was all.  So I wasn’t worried, just assumed I was allergic to some of the trees or bushes.  When we got out on the salty beach, however, my ears started burning.  By the time we got back to the car, I had a rash on my neck.  Oh, goodie!  Here we go…

A Windy Night…

Needless to say, having that bad of an allergic reaction gave us no other option than to leave.  So long, SLC… or so we thought!  Unfortunately, the winds were high enough that we didn’t feel comfortable driving our massive RV on the interstate, and it was getting dark.  So we pulled into a truck stop for the night.  Not ideal, but it serves its purpose.

The next morning, we headed out.  Again, the winds were bad.  This time, though, there were signs up forbidding high profile vehicles (RVs, semis, etc.) from driving on the interstate.  So we pulled into a Lowe’s parking lot and ran some errands.  Winds were supposed to die down by about 3pm.  At around 3pm, we tried again, to no avail.  After two more attempts, it was late and dark again, and there were still signs (and police officers) making sure no high profile vehicles were on the interstate.  So again, we pulled into another truck stop.  Four attempts to leave Salt Lake City, and we were STILL stuck there.  I was beginning to feel like we would never get out of there (and I would never breathe again)!

Sparta didn't seem to mind the wind!

Sparta didn’t seem to mind the wind!

Finally Out of Salt Lake City

The next morning, we pulled out of the truck stop at about 6:30 am and got the heck outta Dodge (okay, SLC)!  Finally, after four unsuccessful attempts, we made it out of Salt Lake City.  We drove all the way to Pocatello, Idaho that morning.

Although we had really wanted to see more of Salt Lake and Salt Lake City, we know that on this trip, not everything will go as planned.  We are ready to roll with the punches and be flexible.  Who knows when something as random as a severe allergic reaction is going to set you out of your planned route?!  So as much as we are bummed that we didn’t get to see a sunset over the lake, it is what it is.


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