Sound Proofing the Sprinter

In its previous life, our Sprinter was a work van.  And despite being a Mercedes, it still was quite noisey driving down the road.  We decided to install FatMat Rattle Trap Sound Dampener to make the ride quieter for our campervan.

How Much Sound Proofing Is Needed?

We used 50 square feet of 80mil FatMat RattleTrap and we thought that was the perfect amount for our 170″ WB Sprinter.  It covered all of the major spots and more.  There was a bit of factory installed sound dampener in our Sprinter, but we definitely wanted some extra added in for a quieter ride.

Total Project Cost: $142.34

Tools/Items You Will Need

Step by Step… Let’s go…

Clean the Surface:   Since this is a peel and stick application, you want to make sure you clean the surface of the van before you insall the Rattle Trap.  We used a simple vinegar solution to wipe down the metal.

Cut the FatMat RattleTrap into about 5-6 inch strips.  You don’t need 100% coverage on the metal to get the affect you want.  Really just the biggest surfaces are the most important, so you don’t need to be overly concerned about measurements. 

Peel and Stick. This is a pretty simple application, as it’s just a peel and stick!  We were most concerned with the larger areas of metal and the wheel wells.  We started with the wheel wells and worked our way through the big metal areas.

Heat it Up! We found that it was much easier to apply when it was heated up a bit.  We had a heater going in the van for warmth anyway, so we just used that.  You could also use a heat gun or a hair dryer to make it more pliable. 

Smash it! A little muscle with the roller smashes the edges down and makes sure your RattleTrap is fully applied to the metal.  Note that the Rattle Trap actually comes with a roller in the box.  Amazon didn’t mention this and it was a suggested add-on for our purchase.  While we didn’t purchase a roller, we can see how someone would buy one not knowing it comes with one.  So save the five bucks and buy yourself a beer instead! 😉

That’s all there is to installing FatMat RattleTrap in a Mercedes Sprinter!  It didn’t take us very long at all and we got a good amount of coverage with the 50 square feet that we bought.  It made a world of difference in the sound of the metal, too.  That should kill some road noise!

Sound Proofing our DIY Camper Van decreased the road noise and rattling of the van. This tutorial shows you how to sound proof a campervan using Rattle Trap sound dampener. Van Life | Campervan | DIY Camper van | Mercedes Sprinter Van | Sprinter Conversion